The electric guitar is one of the most iconic instruments in the world of music. From Eddie Van Halen to Jimi Hendrix, many of the greatest electric guitarists have become legends thanks to their unique style and tone. But when it comes to electric guitars, which is the best?

Mustang vs Stratocaster which one offers the sound, playability, and price you’re looking for?

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of the Mustang and Stratocaster and answer the pressing question of which electric guitar is the best.

We’ll examine the features and specs of both guitars, explore their design history, and delve into the pickup options that each guitar offers. In the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which electric guitar is the one for you. So sit back, grab your guitar, and join us as we explore the greatness of Mustang vs Stratocaster!

The Fender Mustang Guitar Models

The Fender Mustang is an iconic electric guitar that has been around for over fifty years. First released in 1964, the Mustang was designed for the student musician, but its versatile sound and unique design make it a popular choice for all types of music. The Mustang features a short scale length and 24-fret neck, allowing for a wide range of playing styles. Its single-coil pickup and tremolo bar create a unique sound, while the distinct pickguard gives the Mustang an unmistakable look.

The Mustang has been used by some of the most influential musicians in rock, including Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and David Gilmour. Its classic style and versatility make it a great choice for any guitarist, novice or pro. Whether you’re looking for a reliable beginner guitar or a versatile instrument for the studio, the Fender Mustang is a great option. With its timeless sound and iconic look, it’s no wonder the Mustang has been a staple of the electric guitar world for over half a century.

History of the Mustang Guitars: A Classic Instrument for the Ages

The Mustang, first released by Fender in 1964, was a student-level guitar intended as an affordable alternative to the Stratocaster and Telecaster. Its simple design and relatively low cost meant that it was quickly embraced by beginners, as well as more experienced musicians on a budget. However, the real success of the Mustang was its lasting legacy in the world of music. Its distinct shape and sound has been used by many iconic guitarists, including Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain.

The Mustang was designed to be a versatile instrument, capable of producing bright, warm and clean tones. Its single-coil pickups produced a unique sound that was unlike any other guitar of its time. This, combined with its compact size, made it a favorite among many artists who wanted to stand out from the crowd.

The Mustang was also popular with band members who wanted a guitar that was easy to transport and maintain. Its unique shape and size meant that it could be easily stored and taken on the road. The Mustang also came equipped with adjustable bridge saddles, giving it extra versatility in terms of intonation and sustain.

In the decades since its release, the Mustang has become a timeless classic. Its distinct sound and style have continued to inspire new generations of guitar players and rock fans alike. Whether you are looking for a beginner’s guitar or a classic instrument to add to your collection, the Mustang is an iconic choice.

Mustang Models Features

Most Mustang models feature a single-coil pickup and a tremolo bar for vibrato effects. The two tone knobs provide a variety of sound options, from mellow and smooth to bright and punchy. The alder wood body gives the guitar a bright, lively sound, and the 24-fret neck allows for greater range and accuracy. The Mustang also has a distinctive, three-ply pickguard, and a metal tremolo plate that keeps the strings in place. This classic design has been beloved for generations and continues to be a favorite for musicians of all genres, from rock to country.

The Ole Strat

First released by Fender in 1954 and has since become one of the most iconic and recognizable guitars ever made. With it’s sleek design and distinctive sound, it has been used by some of the greatest guitarists in music history.

The Stratocaster has a unique design that sets it apart from other electric guitars. It has a longer scale length than the Mustang and 22-fret neck, allowing for a greater range of notes and more intricate fingering. Additionally, it features three single-coil pickups, a tremolo bar and a pickguard. These components are all key factors in the Stratocaster’s distinct sound, which has made it a favorite among musicians of all genres.

The Strat is also known for its durability and versatility. It can create a wide range of sounds, from smooth and mellow to bright and twangy. And, thanks to its solid construction, it can withstand the rigors of frequent use. As such, it can be a great choice for both beginner and experienced guitarists, enabling them to express their musical ideas with ease.

In short, the Fender Strat is an iconic instrument with a unique design and sound, making it one of the most popular electric guitars in the world. Its versatility and durability make it an ideal choice for all levels of guitarists.

History of the Stratocaster

Its versatile sound and unique design has made it one of the most beloved guitars in the world, and it has been used by some of the best guitarists of all time, including Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Eddie Van Halen.

The Stratocaster was designed to bridge the gap between the Telecaster and the Jazzmaster, offering the best of both worlds. It features two single-coil pickups, a three-way toggle switch, and a vibrato bridge. This combination of features provides the player with a wide range of sounds, allowing them to explore a variety of musical styles.

In addition to its versatility, the Stratocaster has a distinct look that has become iconic. It has a contoured body, a curved headstock, and a unique pickguard.

The Stratocaster is often seen as a symbol of rock and roll, and its sound has been used in countless hit songs. It has been used by countless guitarists, its influence continues to be felt in all genres of music. The Stratocaster is an iconic instrument that will continue to be used and cherished for generations to come.

Features of the Stratocaster

The Stratocaster has three single-coil pickups, allowing for a wider range of tones and textures. Its two tone knobs and bridge can be adjusted to create a wider range of sounds, while the tremolo bar provides a vibrato effect. The neck is 22 frets and the body is made of alder wood, giving the guitar a bright sound. Its three-ply pickguard and metal tremolo plate provide additional protection for the strings.

The Stratocaster is known for its versatility, allowing for different playing styles and genres. It’s great for blues, rock, and pop, but is also capable of producing jazz and even classical-style music. Its combination of classic design, bright sound, and versatility have made it an enduring favorite among guitarists.

Comparing the Fender Mustang and Stratocaster

The Stratocaster and Mustang have been staples of popular music for decades, and for good reason. Both guitars have a unique sound, playability, and style. But which one is right for you?

The Mustang and Stratocaster have a few similarities, but also some distinct differences. The Mustang has a unique body shape, with a single cutaway design and a short 24-inch scale length. This gives it a bright, twangy sound. It’s also fairly lightweight, making it great for playing standing up.

The Stratocaster, on the other hand, has a more traditional double-cutaway design and a longer 25.5 inch scale length. This gives it a warmer, fuller sound. It’s also heavier, so it’s better suited for sitting down while playing.

Both guitars offer a wide array of tones, from bright and twangy to warm and full. The Mustang is great for punk, rockabilly, and surf-style music, while the Stratocaster is ideal for blues, classic rock, and pop.

The neck radius is also an important factor to consider when comparing the Mustang and Stratocaster. The Mustang has a 7.25 inch radius, which is slightly flatter than the Stratocaster’s 9.5 inch radius. This gives the Mustang a faster, more responsive feel.

Finally, the pickups are a key difference between the two guitars. The Mustang has two single-coil pickups, while the Stratocaster has three single-coils. This gives the Stratocaster a more varied tonal range, while the Mustang is more suited to a single-coil sound.

Sound Quality

The Strat is renowned for its fuller, more balanced sound, often attributed to its signature three single-coil pickups and longer scale length. This makes it a great choice for those who want to achieve a vintage, classic sound.

The Mustang, on the other hand, is known for its brighter sound and more punchy tone, thanks to its single-coil pickup and shorter scale length making it perfect for those who want a more modern and edgy sound.

Whether you are looking for a classic or modern sound, the Stratocaster and Mustang can both provide a unique and powerful sound. The Stratocaster is ideal for those who want to capture the vintage sound of rock ‘n’ roll, while the Mustang is perfect for those who want a more modern and edgy sound.


The Strat is known for its versatility when it comes to musical styles. Its three pickups and two tone knobs give it an incredibly wide range of tones, making it an ideal choice for any genre of music. The Mustang has a brighter, more focused tone that makes it an obvious choice for rock and blues. With its tight mid-range and punchy highs, it will bring a unique flavor to any musical style. Whether you are looking for a versatile instrument or something with a bit more bite, the Stratocaster and Mustang offer two distinct but equally desirable tones.


The Strat is designed with playability in mind, making it the perfect guitar for beginners. With a longer scale length and a 22-fret neck, it is much easier for beginners to fret notes and chords. By contrast, the Mustang has a shorter scale length and a 24-fret neck, making it more challenging to play for those who are starting out. However, the Mustang’s neck can be a great advantage for more advanced players, as it provides more room to explore different notes and complex chords.

Both guitars offer a unique playing experience, depending on what skill level and sound you are looking for. The Strat is ideal for those just learning the ropes, whereas the Mustang is great for experienced players looking to take their guitar skills to the next level. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and which instrument best suits your musical needs.

For Beginners and Experience Guitar Players

The Mustang is easier to play, thanks to its shorter scale length. This allows for more comfortable fretting and easier string bending, meaning beginners can easily get to grips with the basics. The Mustang is also a great choice for those looking to get into more advanced techniques, with its solid build quality and reliable performance. In short, it’s an ideal starting point for any budding guitarist.

The Strat is the ultimate guitar for experienced professionals. With a versatile range of tones, advanced features, and a sound that can accommodate any genre, it’s the perfect instrument for the experienced player. Its sleek design, smooth action, and unparalleled sound make it the go-to choice for experienced guitarists who are looking to take their playing to the next level.

The Strat is a classic design, with a timeless C shape neck and a range of colors and finishes to suit any style. The variety of tones it has to offer makes it suitable for a multitude of genres, from jazz to blues, rock to country, and everything in between. Its versatile range of tones and features make it the perfect tool to express your creativity and explore new sounds.

The Strat’s sound is unparalleled in its versatility and depth. Its tone has been the inspiration for countless musical legends and its timeless design has been a favorite among guitarists for decades. The perfect guitars for all music genres and players

Final Verdict

When it comes to electric guitars, the Mustang and the Stratocaster are two of the most popular models. While both are great guitars, they offer different features and sound capabilities, depending on the needs of the musician.

Ultimately, the choice of which guitar is best comes down to personal preference and the style of music you want to play. If you are looking for an affordable and easy to play electric guitar, the Mustang is an excellent option. If you are an experienced guitarist looking for a fuller sound and advanced features, the Stratocaster is the way to go. Either way, if you’re picking between these two beats, you’re new guitar will sound great!