When it comes to electric guitars, few can compare them to the legendary Gibson Les Paul guitar. The rich, full sound and sleek design have set these guitars apart for decades, with many players swearing by them as their go-to instrument.

When choosing between two of these iconic instruments, it can be hard to know which is best for you. This article will look at the Gibson Les Paul Classic vs Standard 60s to help you decide which one is right for you.

What is the difference between Gibson Les Paul Classic and the Standard?

The main difference between the Gibson Les Paul Classic and Standard lies in the features and construction of the guitars. The Gibson Les Paul Classic features a mahogany body with a slim taper neck shape, 22 medium jumbo frets, and dual humbucker pickups. It also has a Grover Rotomatics w/ Kidney Buttons bridge, a 24.75″ scale length, and is available in Sunburst, Black, Red, and Cherry Sunburst finish.

The Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s, on the other hand, has a mahogany body with a slim taper neck shape, 22 medium jumbo frets, dual humbucker pickups, and a Grover Rotomatics w/ Kidney Buttons bridge. It also has a 24.75″ scale length and is available in Brown Burst, Yellow, and Yellow Burst finishes. Additionally, the Standard 60s has a neck pickup with a Gibson Burstbucker 61R (Humbucker / Passive) instead of the single pickup found on the Classic.

gibson les paul classic vs standard

Pros and cons of the Gibson Les Paul Classic and Standard

Gibson Les Paul Classic PROS:

  • Affordable Price Point
  • Iconic Look & Feel
  • Powerful Tone Output

Gibson Les Paul Classic CONS:

  • Limited Pickup Combinations
  • No Updated Finishes or Features

Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s PROS:

  • Unique Finish Options
  • Extra Pickup Combinations
  • Same Playability as Classic Model

Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s CONS:

  • Higher Price Point
  • Slight Variation from the Traditional Look & Feel

Gibson Les Paul Classic vs Standard

Gibson Les Paul Classic

Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s


Gibson Gibson


$2,299 $2,799

Number Of Strings

6 6

Available Colors

Sunburst, Black, Red, Cherry Sunburst Brown Burst, Yellow, Yellow Burst


Body Type

Solid Body Solid Body

Body Material

Mahogany Mahogany

Body Bridge

Grover Rotomatics w/ Kidney Buttons Grover Rotomatics w/ Kidney Buttons


Neck Shape

Slim Taper Slim Taper

Neck Material

Mahogany Mahogany

Neck Joints

Set Set

Scale Length

24.75″ 24.75″

Number Of Frets

22 Medium Jumbo 22 Medium Jumbo

Nut Width

1.693” 1.693”

Hardware & Electronics

Bridge Pickup

Gibson Burstbucker 61T (Humbucker / Passive) Gibson Burstbucker 61T (Humbucker / Passive)

Neck Pickup

Gibson Burstbucker 61R Gibson Burstbucker 61R (Humbucker / Passive)


3 Way 3 Way

Volume Knobs

2 2

Tone Controls

2 2
Overall Rating    

Origin and design of the Gibson Les Paul Classic and Standard

When it comes to origin and design, both of these Les Paul guitars come from the same lineage. The original model was designed in 1952 by legendary guitar pioneer Les Paul, and each guitar in the series has followed his iconic design ever since.

The Classic model is intended for those who want a classic look and feel without breaking the bank. It has a timeless sunburst finish, a slim taper neck shape, and traditional Grover Rotomatic tuners with kidney buttons.

The Standard 60s model is an update on the classic look with some modern touches. The body has a yellow or brown burst finish that gives it an updated vintage vibe while still keeping true to its iconic Les Paul roots.

How do the tone and playability of the Classic and Standard models compare?

When it comes to tone, both models have a powerful sound that will last through any performance setting or recording session.

The Classic has two Burstbucker 61T (Humbucker/Passive) pickups that provide plenty of punch without sacrificing clarity or detail in your tone.

The Standard 60s adds two additional Burstbucker 61R (Humbucker/Passive) pickups that provide extra depth and nuance in your sound when playing lead lines or chords.

Both models have a 3-way switch that allows you to access all three pickup combinations as well as volume knobs and tone knobs.

Playability of the Gibson Les Paul Classic and Standard

The playability of each electric guitar is exceptional thanks to their 24 3/4″ scale length and 22 medium jumbo frets on each neck.

Both models feature mahogany bodies with set-neck joints that allow for greater resonance through the body of the instrument while still providing stability over time with normal use.

Are Gibson Les Paul Classics good?

Yes, Gibson Les Paul Classics are considered to be good guitars. They are popular with professionals and amateur players alike and they offer a classic sound and feel. The pickups provide a rich tone and the body shape is a timeless classic.

Is the Les Paul Standard a good guitar?

Yes, the Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s is definitely an excellent electric guitar! With its body made of mahogany and a slim taper neck profile, it is built for superior playability. The Grover Rotomatics w/ Kidney Buttons bridge, combined with the Gibson Burstbucker 61T and 61R pickups, provide a wide range of tones for any genre. And with its classic design, it will look beautiful in any setting. It’s the perfect choice for any musician, from the beginner to the experienced pro.

Why is Les Paul Classic cheaper?

The Gibson Les Paul Classic is typically cheaper due to its simplified features and construction compared to the Les Paul Standard 60s. The Les Paul Standard 60s features more expensive components such as Grover Rotomatics w/ Kidney Buttons and dual pickups, while the Classic has a simpler construction with one pickup and a more standard bridge. Additionally, the Classic only has limited color options while the Standard 60s has a more varied selection.

Is a Les Paul Classic as good as Les Paul Standard?

This is ultimately a matter of opinion, however, many guitarists believe that the Les Paul Classic offers a classic sound and feel while the Les Paul Standard is known for being slightly brighter and offering more modern features. Ultimately, the choice between the two is a personal preference.

Choosing between the Gibson Les Paul Classic and Standard

Both guitars offer excellent build quality and playability but differ in terms of design finishes and pickup configurations; both are great options but depending on your budget either could be better suited for your needs.

If you’re looking for something closer to traditional looks then savings won’t be an issue since the Classic model is more affordable than its Standard 60s counterpart; however if you’re looking for something more modern with extra pickup options then spending a bit more money on the Standard 60s might be worth it in order to get those features added in as well as having unique finishes not found on other types of electric guitars.

Now go out and make some of your own Guitar Moments. Keep strumming and rocking on.